Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick talks with Barry A. J. Fisher. Patrick and Barry talk about the importance of good crime scene investigations, the responsibility of the first officer on a scene and much more. Barry served as the Crime Laboratory Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a position he held from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. He began his career in the Sheriff's crime lab in 1969 and has worked a wide variety of assignments. His current interests concern the interrelationship between forensic science and the law along wtih public policy issues concerning the timely delivery of quality forensic support services to the criminal justice system.  He is a member of several editorial boards, and is an alumni member of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents and a life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and was a member of the IACP's Forensics Committe.

His textbook, Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, in its 8th edition, enjoys wide popularity. He is a co-author of two other books, Forensics Demystified and Introduction to Criminalistics.

Barry grew up in the Bronx in New York City, and received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry from the City College of New York. He holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Purdue and a MBA from California State University.  Since retirement, Barry and his wife reside near Palm Springs California.


A great interview with a legend in crime scene investigations.


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Patrick welcomes Mike Ayalon. Mike is the CEO of Greek University. An educational platform that has inspired countless institutions across North America in identifying, understanding and resolving current social issues such as Hazing, Sexual Assaults, and Alcohol / Drug Abuse. Mike has a deep understanding of the current situation on campuses as well as a plan on how to empower our own youth to stop being part of the problem and become an active part of its resolution.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Patrick welcomes John McGrail. John has helped thousands of clients and students from all walks of life find their fun in his clinical practice and self-improvement / motivational seminars and workshops. Dr. McGrail's exclusive Synthesis approach integrates sciene and spirituality to create personal growth, transformation and achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance in life.

His writing and expertise are often featured in major print and online publications including Time, Readers Digest, U.S. News & World Report, NY Times and the Huffington Post to name a few. He is also the author of The Synthesis Effect. A very informative interview.

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Hello everyone and welcome back. We all go through difficult times in our lives, but we should still be grateful for what we have. No matter what your problems are you should start everyday with being grateful for who is in your life and what you have, because we all have people and things we can be grateful for. A good way to remind yourself of this is to keep a gratitude journal everyday.

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Hello everyone and welcome back. There are many people in the criminal justice field who are thinking about starting a business on the side, or embarking on their dreams once they retire. In this episode Patrick welcomes Stacey Brown Randall. Stacey is a three-time entrepreneur, certified productivity and time efficiency coach, has a background in sales and marketing, and is an aspiring author.  Stacey's online programs and live coaching provide a blueprint to follow to take control of your referrals, your client experience, and your business.

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Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick welcomes back Dr. John Beyer. John spend nearly a decade in a Southern California law enforcement agency as a traffic officer, training officer, and a member of the elite Special Weapons Assault Team (SWAT). He then moved into the educational field. He is currently the co-founder and head writer for the J and L Research and Exploration Blog with his lovely spouse Laureen, co-founder.  Even when John was serving in law enforcement he never gave up his passion for writing, both fiction and nonfiction. He has been published in numerous magazines, and has authored three highly praised internationally known novels - Hunted (2013), Soft Target (2014) and Operation Scorpion (2017).

John also gives some tips and suggestions for aspiring writers and entrepreneurs on taking that first step and putting yourself out there.  You can find John here:




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Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick has Jeffrey J Higgins on the show. Jeffrey is a retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent with 25 years of law enforcement experience. Jeffrey is also an expert on narco-terrorism. During his career with the DEA, Jeffrey accomplished many things but one of the biggest was attaining the first two, precedent setting, narco-terrosim convictions at trail and assisting in the conviction of the world's most prolific heroin trafficker. Jeffrey and Patrick talk about many issues from the War ond Drugs, The many threats facing the United States and the issues facing Law Enforcement to name a few.

Jeffrey was one of the first rescuers to arrive at the World Trade Center after it collapsed on 9/11 and he worked on the NYPD Joint Terrorism Task force in the Department of Homeland Security's Operation Center.  Jeffrey then went on to become the first undercover agent in Afghanistan after the soviet invasion and the first western law enforcement officer to testify in both the Kabul Public Security Court and the Afghan Central Narcotics Tribunal.

Jeffrey has worked as a news reporter and editor, and deputy sheriff and was elected commissioner for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in Washington, DC. Jeffrey holds a Masters of Sciene in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelors of Science in journalism from Boston University.

Jeffrey is currently working on his first book, and he is a contributer to the Law Enforcement Round Table Podcast. A great interview with a great member of law enforcement and a great American.

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Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick talks about the orgins of Miranda Warnings. These came about from the landmark U.S Supreme Court Case Miranda V. Arizona (1966). A lot of people, including some in law enforcement, have no idea how the warnings came about. Patrick also talks about when officers have to issue these warnings, because this is also an area of some confusion. Check out this quick and informative episode.

Link to the case: http://www.uscourts.gov/educational-resources/educational-activities/facts-and-case-summary-miranda-v-arizona




Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, Patrick talks about the importance of fostering collaboration in the workplace. No matter what you are doing for work, whether its in the criminal justice field or in another profession, fostering collaboration needs to be a central piece of leadership. How do you foster collaboration? By creating a climate of trust and by being the one who is facilitating relationships. Everything revolves around good and solid relationships. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Reference to this episode: Kouzes & Posner (2017) -  The Leadership Challenge.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to CJEvolution. In this show Patrick welcomes Dr. Joe Martin.  Dr. Martin is the creator and founder of Real Men Connect. A muti-media men's movement where he helps mobilize, mentor, and mutiply the efforst of men who desire to be better husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders at home, on the job, and in the community. Joe has also interviewd many of the most respected men of faith from all over the country who've shared their stories, struggles, as well as strategies for success as men.

Dr. Martin has authored many books and two of his most recent are: The Real Men Spritual Leader Blueprint: 21 Practical Ways to Love and Lead Your Family, and Are you the Man: 201 Lessons I Wish My Dad Would Have Taught Me.

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