Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. I love MONDAY's and you should too. Remember if start your Monday, and any day for that matter, that is what the universe is going to give you in return. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. Very few can do what you do. Thank you for your continued service in a very difficult environment.

So excited about the recent session (Session 1) of TRIAD Leadership and Development. It was a HUGE success and thanks to all the participants who were part of this historic event. Thanks to my good friends and business partners Carrie Wooten & Jerrod Hardy. TRIAD is on a mission: To Equip organizational leaders with the skills and ability to unlock their leadership potential, get the most out of their career and live their purpose beyond the badge.

If you are interested in bringing TRIAD Leadership & Development to your agency follow this link: https://www.mindsetenterprise.net/teamtriad

This the Team to help you level up in service, purpose and mindset.

If you love coffee, and I know most of you do, check out the great products from Four Sigmatic. They have everything from Coffee's to Cocoa's and I am a big fan of their Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee. It's better for you than regular coffee and best of off it doesn't taste like mushrooms! Check out their link at www.cjevolution.com

On to the show...

I had a friend of mine recently ask how I became so fearless. I laughed and replied I am scared all the time! I just don't let my fears cripple me to the point of not taking action. I head into my fears and overcome them. Everyone fears something, but what most do is stay in the fear mindset. They don't realize that EVERYTHING they want, success, money, the new job, the new shift, the new promotion, is on the OTHER side of your fears.

And here is another secret. Most of the things we fear about NEVER come to pass. That's right. And if that fear does come, its usually not as big or as problematic as we made it out to be.

Once you begin taking on your fears and overcoming them, you become more confident, resilient and happier. Conquer your fears and you will conquer your life.

Like what you hear?

Work with me 1:1 with my EVOLVE Coaching. I help first responders and criminal justice professionals who are overwhelmed with personal and professional obstacles become more stronger and more resilient so they will become happier and more successful.

Learn more here: https://www.cjevolution.com/personal-coaching/

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