Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Thank you all for the continued support. Special thanks to the brave men and women who protect this great country everyday, whether its being a first responder or serving in the military - Thank you all!!

In this episode, Patrick welcomes Remi Adeleke. With no father in the picture, Remi Adeleke tried to find a father in the things around him: Music, culture and peers. He tried it all, and got into a lot of trouble along the way. Then he found his way out by joining the military. But even becoming a Navy SEAL wasn't enough. After spending 13 years in the military Remi left the teams, but after leaving he and his family struggled financially. In this time of struggle, Remi began to do something he hadn't done in years - question God's plan. Then came a call from an unexpected place. A Hollywood film advisor had the answer Remi was searching for, and part of the answer landed him a role in Transformers-The Last Knight.

Remi is also an aspiring author with his novel Transformed coming out in January 2019. Remi takes the readers back to stories from his early childhood as Nigerian royalty, to losing his father early in his life and being finanically stripped of everything by the Nigerian government. Remi is a true inspiration and you will love his message and story. A great interview.

Check out Remi's work with iamsecond.


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