Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who serve in the military and in the criminal justice field. We would not have this great country without your committment and sacrafice.

In this episode, Patrick welcomes Don Barden. Don is a speaker, author, professor and advisor. Additionally, he is a corporate executive who practices all that he preaches. During his 25-year career on Wall Street, Don reshaped the production landscape of three major financial institutions, personally averaging over $1 Billion in annual sales. In 2011, Don published the results of a 10-year Wall Street funded global research study that revealed the secret formula " The Perfect Plan " - behind what the world's top performing business leaders and sales professionals do differently.

Don's counsel is highly sought after by some of the worlds most successful businesses. Don speaks on the subject of Servant Leadership with an unparalleled level of understanding, and he often consults members of the US Military as well as members of Law Enforcement. A great interview witn an industry leader. Patrick & Don cover a lot of ground.

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