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In this episode, Patrick talks with motivational speaker and author Amberly Lago. Amberly started her speaking career after her life was deeply altered and her word completely changed in May 2010. While riding her motorcycle in Woodland Hills, CA she was hit by a SUV and thrown thirty feet down a busy street. Her right leg took the brunt of the impact and was crushed almost beyond repair.  Despite having 34 surgerious and an arduous recovery process she was determined to walk again. However, she was diagnosed with a nerve disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and deals with chronic pain daily. This chronic pain has led her to develop positive, healthy ways of coping with pain and all the emotions that come along with it. This life altering experience inspires Lago to communicate how you can turn tradegy into Triumph.  Amberly travels around the world speaking and she was recentley on the Today Show with Megan Kelley. You can watch it here:


Patrick and Ambery talk about overcoming adversity, addiction to pain killing medication and so much more. A great interview with an amazing woman.

Find Amberly here:



Stay tuned for more amazing guests.







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