Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, Patrick talks with Tim Bourquin. Tim is a former full time police officer with LAPD, and also a serial entrepenuer. He has started, operated and sold many companies. He also remains a reserve officer for the LAPD working a couple days a month. Tim started on his journey years ago while in the police academy talking with other cadets about the financial markets. This led to the book Traders at Work. Just as Tim was about to make Detective he decided to dedicate himself to his full time company on the side.

Tim also is the creator of https://www.afteroffers.com/

AfterOffers is a company that can help business owners with email marketing, which is still very relevant and needed in business.

Tim exemplifies what it takes to be a successful law enforcement officer as well as successful entrepreneur. We are all going to leave law enforcement someday. Why not take that first step towards your dream of owning your own business or writing that book you have been talking about!

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