Hello and welcome back. In this episode Patrick talks with Larry Watts & his wife Carolyn Watts. Larry and Carolyn co-authored Dishonored and Forgotten (released January 2nd, 2017). With all the controversial issues in the news these days, it's especially encouraging to read a book by a seasoned policce officer who still believes that effective law enforcement is possible. 

Dishonored and Forgotten is a fictional account of a 1950's narcotics scandal that rocked the Houston, Texas Police Department.  One officer was dead with two gunshots to the heart and a nasty laceration on his head.  The death was ruled a suicide.  Another officer was sent to prison for selling heroin back to those he arrested.  A captain was fired and a police chief lost his job.  Dr. Julius McBride went to prison for supplying that police chief with codeine illegally.  High profile federal narcotics agent George White came to Houston and challenged the locals, including the police chief, city attorney, mayor, district attorney and every officer he thought was dirty.

This story is a fictional account of those events.  Its focus is on two men. Martin Billnitzer was the detective who was killed with two shots to the heart.  Within hours his death was ruled a suicide.  Bill Pool was a police officer who first reported the possibility of a narcotics scandal to federal authorities.  His career in Houston was ruined.  Both men's careers were cut short, their service dishonored, and their lives all but forgotten in the annals of Houston's history.

Larry's career in law enforcement began in Houston Texas, as a police officer. He became active in police labor issues and served on the board of directors of the Houston Police Officers' Association and the National Association of Police Associations. He retired after 21 years and began working for a state-wide association representing law enforcement officers throughout Texas, eventually becoming the Chief of Staff. 


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