Hello and welcome back. In this episode Patrick welcomes special guest Vic Ferrari - Vic is the Author of Dickheads and Debauchery and Other Ingenious Ways to Die (2016). Vic is a former NYPD Detective who retired after 20 years of distinguished serivce. He is a former Bronx resident who now resides in Florida. Vic enjoys eating subpar food along with writing. He also likes cooking and spending time with his dog (Irish Wolfhound) who ignores him. A very funny episode which I am sure you will enjoy. Connect with Vic on Twitter: @vicferrari50 

Check out his book on Amazon athttps://www.amazon.com/Dickheads-Debauchery-other-ingenious-ways-ebook/dp/B01GEVW100


Vics Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dickheads-Debauchery-and-other-ingenious-ways-to-die-238351983202178/?fref=ts






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