Hello everyone and welcome back to the show - We continue to grow because of you, the listener and supporter. Thank you so much. Special thanks to the brave men and women who work in the Criminal Justice Field. Thank you for your hard work in a difficult environment. You have much support.

In this episode, Patrick welcomes Alexander Seery from the UK. Alex is a best-selling author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, business coach and investor. At the age of 24, he built his first company with zero start-up capital to a six figure business while working full time as a Detention Officer based in custody. Alex is the founder of Shift to Succes, a specialized business training company that supports current and ex-police officers to build successful businesses. Shifts to Success has a team of some of the UK's top award-winning business mentors and coaches and since the launch, the company has been featured in national publications such as the Sun and Real Business. Shifts to Success believe that higher valuations need to be placed on police officers lives and roles.

Check out Alex on his site below, connect on social and find his amazing book " Police Officer to Entrepreneur - The Six-Step method for building a successful business beyond the force."



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Staf safe.



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