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In this episode Patrick welcomes back Tracie Keesee, Ph.D. Tracie is currently the Deputy Commissioner of Equity & Inclusion at NYPD. She is also the Co-Founder of the Center for Policing Equity. She is also the Project Director of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, a Department of Justice project led by the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College. The initiative is designed to improve relationships and increase trust between minority communities and the criminal justice system, as well as advance the public and scholarly understandings of the issues contributing to those relationships.

Dr. Keesee is a 29 year police veteran. She retired as a captain of the Denver Police Department, where her final assignment was as deputy director of Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), the State of Colorado's fusion center. In this interview, Patrick and Tracee talk about the challenges that law enforcement face now and in the future, as well as other important topics. A great interview.

Check out Dr. Keesee's TED Talk about keeping neighborhoods safe through a collaboration between the police and the public.


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