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September 11, 2019

CJ Evolution Podcast: 09/11 Anniversary - Never Forget

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who protect this great country every day. Without you and your commitment to your country and your communities, we would not have the great country we do. You are loved! Keep up the great work.

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In this solo episode, I wanted to first give praise and thanks again to our first responders and military personnel who protect our country every day. In this time of political division and many other problems the country is facing, remember that we all are Americans. Citizens should be coming together and supporting our brave men and women in law enforcement and in the military instead fostering an environment lack of respect for the police, like was recently seen in New York City (Pouring water on the heads of officers). First responders and military personnel are the reason we have this great country. If we continue down the path of division and lawlessness then our country will begin to spiral out of control and everything we have and take for granted will be lost.

I ask you to do two things for today:

1) If you haven't taken a moment of silence to respect the victims and victims families of 09/11 please do so.

2) Seek out first responders and military personnel and thank them for their service. It will mean the world to them and they deserve it.

Remember to never forget 09/11/2001

Stay tuned for more great episodes on The CJEvolution Podcast.


Stay safe.



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