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A big thanks to all the brave men and women who serve in the criminal justice field and first responder field. Thank you for doing what you do! Very few can do what you do. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved.

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Client interaction


Client invoicing and collections

Officer Payments


And so much more.

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On to the show with Adam Kinakin

Adam is a speaker, educator and host of one of the fastest growing podcasts on the planet called The Tactical Breakdown Podcast. The Tactical Breakdown Podcast is the #1 Podcast for Instructors and Trainers in Law Enforcement, Military, and Emergency Response. We provide actionable, relevant information and tactics from the best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the world.

In this show Adam and I talk about the job aspects first responders, the many issues first responders face, critical incident debriefs and the continuing support and assistance we need to provide for our brave men and women who protect us. And much more.

A lot of great takeaways in this great episode.


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