Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who protect this great country every day. Whether you’re in the military or your serving in law enforcement. Thank you for what you do! Keep up the great work, you have much support.

I am so excited that my book is almost here! My book is EVOLVE – A Collection of Routines, Habits, and Advice to Take Charge of Your Life and Be Your Best Self! This micro book is going to help you in every facet of your live, personally and professionally. 

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This is a must listen for any law enforcement professional.

Andy Harvey is in the house. Andy is a motivational speaker and a law enforcement trainer. Any retired as The Chief of Police in Palestine, Texas and has over 23 years of experience in an urban and racially diverse community. With leadership experience covering Military and Law Enforcement careers, his assignments have included investigations, community policing, patrol, and media relations. Andy also worked for many years in the Dallas Police Department. As a DPD's Media Relations Commander, he created the First Watch web video series in both English and Spanish, as well as championing, and creating, DPD social media services. Interviewed on local, national, and international news programs in English and Spanish - his first language - has given Andy the ability to reach out and speak directly to our ever-growing Latino communities.

Andy's leadership philosophy sees effective policing today requiring courageous and collaborative leaders at every level of an organization.  In focus, it is imperative that officers are called upon to think outside of their squad car, considering the impact their actions may have on the police department, their local community, and the profession of policing in general.

Andy is also the author of the successful book, Excellent in Policing: Simple Ways to Exceed Citizens Expectations in Every Encounter. A must read for any law enforcement professional.


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You can find Andy’s book here:




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