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September 2, 2020

CJ Evolution Podcast: Brian Leslie - Coercive Interrogation Expert, Former Chief of Police & Owner of Criminal Case Consultants Inc

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Those of us in law enforcement know how important good and effective interview and interrogation skills are to a case. Unfortunately, sometimes we fall flat with those skills and it can cost a case, individual and agency reputations and often relationships with the community.

My next guest is Brian Leslie. He is coercive interrogation expert and former Chief of Police. Brian is also the owner of Criminal Case Consultants Inc. According to Brian, identifying patterns of racial targeting, flawed investigations, excessive use of coercive interrogation techniques that force questionable confessions, coercive interview methods that use narrative integration to extract favorable witness statements, and faulty processes identifying suspects is unfortunately common in the law enforcement profession.

This pattern demonstrates how police culture going unchecked can create dangerous factions in police departments that ultimately affect the community. Police officers have a tough job to do, but this should never excuse destructive or criminal behavior for any reason. Having an understanding and relationship with a community allows officers to put a face on those they police, not a mask.

Many officers in police departments across America do take their oath seriously with pride and perform their sworn duties flawlessly. These officers work each day in their communities with no incidents and do make a difference. Most of these officers are seldomly in the media and maintain virtual anonymity but unfortunately wear a negative stain from those that fail their communities.

A great and informative interview. You can find Brian here:

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