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December 20, 2019

CJ Evolution Podcast: Carrie Wooten - Former LEO, Entrepreneur & TEAM TRIAD Founder

Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast. Thank you for spending a little bit of your valuable time with us. Your listening and support are the reason why the show continues to grow, and is the #1 Criminal Justice Podcast.

Special thanks to all the brave men and women who serve in the criminal justice field. Thank you so much for your service and support. Keep up the great work.

Are you ready for 2020? TEAM TRIAD is! We are dedicated to making criminal justice professionals better both personally and professionally.

Get ready for your ascent in 2020. TEAM TRIAD is on a mission: “To equip organizational leaders with the skills and ability to unlock their leadership potential, get the most our of their career and live their purpose beyond the badge.” Topics include:

  • Addressing and conquering fear
  • Visualization for success
  • Effective goals and habits
  • Growth mindset and your success history

And much more.

The first event is going to be February 19th, 2020 in Larimer County CO. There are still seats available. Check out more at

Team Triad / 2020.

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On to the show.

So excited to have my good friend Carrie Wooten back on. She is a former LEO, Entrepreneur, CEO of Mindset Enterprise and Founder of TEAM TRIAD that I am honored to be a part of. Carrie has had an amazing ride and is very accomplished.

In this interview she shares her experience and expertise talking about a variety of topics from resiliency to developing a growth mindset for everyone.

Carrie is a published author as well as an internationally certified instructor for “Appreciation at Work.”  As Dean of Education & Leadership at The National Command & Staff College and prior law enforcement herself, Carrie educates law enforcement, military, corporate teams and their executive leadership nationwide.

Carrie’s mission is to eliminate toxicity in the workplace by providing scientifically driven and progressive training to clients in order to have the highest implementation and success rates as possible.  Carrie focuses on providing tools that will increase morale, retention and productivity across all industries, leveraging communication styles of those around us. 

A great and informative interview


You can find Carrie here:


Stay tuned for more great guests on The CJEvolution Podcast





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