Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. A very special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field, especially in this uncertain environment. Thank you for doing what most wont. Keep up the great work.

A very special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the medical field during this pandemic that has swept the globe. You are cherished and loved and thank you for your hard work.

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On to the show with Dr. Peter Killeen.

Dr. Peter Killeen is a Police Pyschotherapist, Author and Trainer. He recently published the first three books of the Operation Longevity series. The message throughout both books is to help the Law Enforcement Professional learn to live a more healthy and sustainable life. In addition, Peter  introduced the "Operation Longevity 'Call to Change' Coin Challenge" into the law enforcement community.

Peter has worked with the law enforcement community as a therapist and educator for the past twenty three years on the local, state and federal level. He has significant experience in dealing with PTSD and first responders. Dr. Killeen is also a certified mediator for Equal Opportunity (EEO) Issues and his work in mediation began in 2003.

Peter has also developed a 2-3-hour course for training the law enforcement professional on the psychology of a career in enforcement. The scope of the training begins with the initial years in law enforcement, the terrible two's, PTSD, anxiety, depression, treatment, medication use, communication skills, preparing for retirement. This course is a must for every law enforcement professional on all levels and should be mandatory for all training academies.

Dr. Killeen has recently begun a journey to create a more serene lifestyle for himself. Having been through some horrific disasters in his work, and having been twice diagnosed with cancer, I felt it was time to start his own journey for balance and peace in his life.

In addition, Peter lectures to both the public and private sector on topics such as, "The Schindler Syndrome" and "Compassion Fatigue." Individuals are extremely vulnerable to both these issues.

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