Hello everyone and welcome back. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who serve this great country every day. Remember to keep your head high. You are loved and cherished and you have much support.

Special thanks to Detectachem. This amazing and innovative company is helping keep our brave men and women safe by offering mobile threat detection for the palm of your hands. Detecting illicit drugs and dangerous explosives. See how they can help you better protect your troops. Check out the link on www.cjevolution.com

Are you struggling to keep on top of your extra-duty program? My friends at Extra Duty Solutions can help you. They can assist with scheduling, client interaction, officer payments and cash slow management. Check them out here: www.extradutysolutions.com Tell them Patrick from CJEvolution Podcast sent you.

I am so excited to officer my EVOLVE Personal Coaching to you. If you are struggling with personal or professional problems or issues, I can help. I have many years of first responder experience that I want to share with you. Let me help you become a better YOU! Sign up for a FREE Discovery Call here:


If you are a first responder or another criminal justice professional and you want to become a better leader, then this show is for you!

Very excited to have my good friend James “Jimmy” Capra back on the show. James is currently the CEO and Founder of The Front-Line Leadership Group, dedicated to developing tomorrow's leaders today. Unlike other so-called leadership experts, James Capra has successfully managed and led thousands of multi-generational employees during his government tenure having served in numerous leadership positions.  He now shares his successful strategies on how to effectively develop outstanding organizational leaders across generational boundaries in the global business arena.  

Prior to his retirement from DEA, Jimmy served as the Chief of Global Operations responsible for 227 domestic offices and 86 foreign offices in 67 countries. Mr. Capra is a highly sought-after speaker, who passionately shares his proven and battle tested strategies on how to successfully develop leaders in a multi-generational workforce while pursuing organizational and personal excellence.   


Find Jimmy here:


Stay tuned for more great episodes on The CJEvolution Podcast.





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