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A big shout out to to the brave men and women who serve in the criminal justice field. Whatever you do, thank you for doing it in these difficult times. Remember to keep your head up and remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved. We will emerge stronger and more resilient. 


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For many years I suffered from digestive issues, and millions of other Americans do too. I know its not a popular topic to talk about but I want to tell you how my friends at BiOptimizers can help. 


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I asked them if we could organize a great deal for all my listeners and they over delivered! 


Right now you can get a bottle of MassZymes for FREE! All you need is to pay a small shipping fee and there is NO CATCH! No tricks, no forced continuity, nothing to cancel. 


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I strongly suggest you head on over to their site to grab your bottle before they either run out or take down this offer. Go to www.masszymes.com/free That's M-A-S-S-Z-Y-M-E-S dot come FORWARD SLASH F-R-E-E (all one word). You will automatically get access to your unique coupon code to claim your fee bottle. Limit one per household. Offer is valid while supplies last. You are going to love their products. Go to www.masszymes,com/free


I am so excited to have my friend Kyle Reyes back on the show. Kyle is the National Spokeman for Law Enforcement Today and The CEO of Silent Partner Maketing which is a full service marketing agency that gained National Attention and Fame a couple of years ago when Kyle talked about his ledgendary "Snowflake Test". This is a test that is given to potential employees to gauge where or not they will be good fit for Kyle's company. 


One of the things I really love about Kyle is he is a fervant supporter of law enforcement and our military. His unapologetic approach to this support is infectious and gained the attention and frustration from people that don't care about our brave men and women who protect us everyday. Some social media sites have thretened to take down his social media accounts and one actually did. What did Kyle do? What Kyle does best - FIGHT BACK. 


You are going to love this no BS and very candid show with a True Patriot. 


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