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A big thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field.  We appreciate your service, especially in these difficult times. Keep up the great work.

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If you’re over 35, your enzyme levels have already begun to decline and your immune system can be more susceptible to viruses. Enzymes are the workhorses of digestion. They break your food down into usable macro and micronutrients. 


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We are so honored to be partnered with a great company like Detectachem. This amazing company provides mobile treat detection against illicit drugs and explosives that can harm our brave men and women. I wish I had this technology when I was a young officer, but your agency can have it now. Head over to www.cjevolution.com and see the link to Detectachem.

If you are a father, you are going to love the next guest. Larry Hagner is on the show. Larry is the founder of The Good Dad Project and he states the following:

“Our children are not born with manuals and the Journey of Fatherhood doesn’t necessarily come with a “map.”  There are challenges, twists, and turns along the way. As much as we truly enjoy our children and being a father, we tend to internalize our struggles.  When we do that, we get distracted and stressed out.  As a result, we do not enjoy the Journey of being a Dad as much as we would really like to.I am not a psychologist.  I am not a counselor in family dynamics.  I don’t have any accolades behind my name.”

“I grew up virtually in “fatherless environment” for most of my life.  In fact, I didn’t meet my real father until I was 30 years old.  As fate would have it, our paths crossed when he walked into a coffee shop eight years ago.  I am happy to say we have a great relationship now and spend a great deal of time together. It was really through my own childhood struggles that I realized my true passion for being a dad.”

Larry is the Author of several books, most notably – The Dad’s Edge - 9 Simple Ways To Have:  Unlimited Patience, Improved Relationships and Connection, and Creating Positive Lasting Memories

Larry is also the creator of the HUGE SHOW, The Dad Edge Podcast which is a MUST LISTEN for all dads out there.

Such a great show with great advice to make you a better dad.

You can find Larry here:




Stay tuned for more guests on the CJEvolution Podcast






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