Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. We know you have many options, so thank you for spending a little bit of your valuable time with me. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. Thank you so much for what you do especially in these trying times. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved.

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On to the show with Michael Tyrrell.

Have you ever met somewhat who radiates positive energy and makes you feel good? Meet Michael Tyrrell. He has that gift. I had the honor of meeting this amazing person last year in Florida and he is doing so much for his community and the world. Michael is also a strong supporter of our brave men and women in uniform who protect us every day.

You are going to love this show.

More about Michael

Michael S. Tyrrell is the founder and president of Wholetones, Inc., a healing frequency music project that helps aid health, creativity, productivity and well-being. After recording seven songs at different frequency levels Michael had been studying for over 20 years, Michael released his album, Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project accompanied by his book titled “Wholetones: The Sound of Healing” in 2014. Passionate about musical healing, Michael travels nationally and internationally as a keynote and motivational speaker on the power of therapeutic music.

Since the release of the original Wholetones collection “The Healing Frequency Music Project”, Michael has released Wholetones 2Sleep, as well as Wholetones: Calming Music for Dogs and Wholetones Christmas, Volume 1.   All of Michael's Wholetones recordings have reached the Top 10 on the Billboard music charts.

Always connected to music, Michael bought his first guitar at the age of 10, which later lead him to study classical guitar with Joseph Lazarro, a protégée of the “grandfather of the classical guitar,” Andre Segovia. In recent years, Michael has traveled and ministered with Christian singer-songwriter, Jason Upton, and toured and recorded with Rick Pino and Fire Rain ministries.

In 1987, Michael worked with Gospel Hall of Famer, Mylon Lefevre, and his band Mylon and Broken Heart, earning him a GMA Dove Award as well as a Grammy award.

Michael has been in full time ministry for the last 26 years and has toured and played with many well-known Christian and secular bands. His experience as a youth pastor, worship leader, accomplished musician, producer and itinerant speaker has allowed his personal music frequency project to transcend international borders.

Michael currently resides with his wife, Lillian, in Palm Beach County, Florida.

You can find Michael and Wholetones here:




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