Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave first responders who keep our communities safe. Thank you very much! A very big shout out to all the Veterans out there! Thank you so much for your service. Without your sacrifice, we wouldn't have this great country. We love all of you!

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Again, special thanks to all of our veterans. Here are some ways you can show appreciation to our brave men and women.

1) Show up - There are many events to celebrate veterans. Pick one and show your support. Veterans love this!


2) Donate - There is always a need to more resources. There are many organizations that you can donate to that support veterans.


3) Ask a veteran about their service - We all know someone who has served and today is a great day to ask them about it. Remember to be supportive but not intrusive. Some vets don't like talking about certain things.


4) Write a veteran - If you know a veteran, send them a card or an e-card to show support. Don't know a veteran? Look up the closest military installation and send a card there. These small acts are very appreciated.


5) Remember not to confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day - There is a difference. Veterans day is a day to honor ones who have served and who are still with us. Memorial day is to honor the brave who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Combing the two and diminish the significance of both .


6) Get outdoors with a veteran - Spending time outdoors with a veteran or a veterans family can improve physical and mental health and boots emotional well-being.

For more ways to show appreciation check here:




Have a great Monday! Stay tuned for more great guests on the CJEvolution Podcast.





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