Hello everyone and welcome back to Microcast Monday. It's time for that little microburst of inspiration to get you on the right path for your week. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field, especially in these uncertain times. Keep up the great work. I also want to give thanks and praise for the medical personnel who are treating the ill and doing so much during this pandemic.

We will emerge stronger and more resilient

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On to Microcast Monday

As you head into your week I want you to stop doing this one thing..........Stop following the crowds. What do I mean by that? Stop following the people who are not getting you where you want to go. This directly relates to your circle of influence. Stop following people that are settling for mediocre, or you will start settling for that too. When you follow the crowds you have a tendency to loose your identity because you are trying to become something you are probably not because you are so afraid of what people might think of you. Screw that! Pave your own way and blaze your own path. That is what the very successful do. They know that people are going to criticize them or make fun of them, but THEY DON'T CARE! Neither should you.

No one attacks mediocrity - They attack success so get ready.

Blaze your own path and stop following the crowds.

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