Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Thanks to all the brave men and women who protect us everyday, especially in these uncertain times. Keep up the good work.

Another big thanks to all the people who are keeping the country moving forward - From grocery store workers to medical personnel and everyone in between. Thank you!

If you love coffee, you are going to love the coffee from Four Sigmatic. From Cocoa to Coffee they have it all. I am a big fan of the Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee, and you will be too. Check out their link at www.cjevolution.com You will get 15% off your purchases using the promo code CJEVO.

If you’re over 35, your enzyme levels have already begun to decline and your immune system can be more susceptible to viruses. Enzymes are the workhorses of digestion. They break your food down into usable macro and micronutrients. 

Research shows that by the time someone hits 65, their saliva and pancreatic secretions, both of which are involved in enzyme activity—can have declined by as much as 50%! 

This decline creates chronic indigestion, setting the stage for gut issues, yeast and mold overgrowth, even malnutrition. 

This is why I’m a big fan of enzyme and probiotic supplementation and one of the best companies I’ve ever found that specializes in optimizing your digestion through both of these supplements are my friends at BiOptimizers.

BiOptimizers found a BETTER version for the probiotic.

You can watch the P3-OM and Masszymes combo rapidly dissolve raw steak when you go to www.bioptimizers.com/cjevolution -- that’s b-i-o-p-t-i-m-i-z-e-r-s DOT COM FORWARD SLASH cjevolution

And use coupon code CJE10 to get 10% off any package

Try their Enzyme and Probiotic combo pack risk-free TODAY. They have the best guarantee I've seen in the industry. It's a 365-day FULL money back guarantee.

Again that’s www.bioptimizers.com/cjevolution

As you head into your Monday, I want you to think about two different critical areas in your life - Your Circle of Concern and Your Circle of Influence.

Why are you worrying about what people think about you? Why are you worrying about things you don't have any control over? Stop caring about what people think about you when it comes to your growth and development. This is your Circle of Concern.

Work on your Circle of Influence. These are the things in your life that you have absolute control over - such as your attitude, body language, choices and the things we say. This is where your growth and development is.

Go forth and conquer your day and week.

Stay tuned for more great guests on The CJEvolution Podcast.







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