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In this great episode, Patrick welcomes Ray Vann.

Ray wears many different hats...and they often don't match! You see, as a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church, he is ordained to serve the Church as he lives among the world. This means that unlike other Catholic clergymen permanent deacons are usually married with families and work in the world to support their families. Most of them are not paid by the Church. In the reality and rawness of life, they are called to bring the Church to the world. As such, they must accomplish this mission. You will see Ray offer spiritual insight, but you will also see him promote his businesses and his ministry. Don't be shocked if Ray, a Catholic clergyman, is discussing firearms and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Don't be shocked if he doesn’t sugar coat his comments. Jesus often got straight to the point and didn't bother with any form of political correctness. Ray always tries to follow His path of compassion and forgiveness, but also believe in His message of justice.

Although this book, Killing: A Spiritual Discernment Guide for Law Enforcement, is written primarily for law enforcement officers, most of what is written is also of significant importance for any citizen who is regularly armed with any type of deadly weapon for the purposes of self-defense and/or defense of others. The topic of this book is a spiritual discernment on killing. More specifically, it highlights the importance of being prepared and working through the spiritual aspects or belief system issues associated with the possibility of having to end the life of another human being. In addition, this writing will assist law enforcement officers in developing a plan of action to be implemented immediately after an incident where deadly force is used.

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