Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. You are honored, cherished and above all loved. Keep up the great work!

I am so excited that my micro book EVOLVE is here. You have probably seen some advanced copies circulating, and I want to get you an autographed copy of this amazing read. I wrote this book for you, the criminal justice professional. It’s designed to motivate, educate and inspire you. If you like a hard copy reach out to me on LinkedIn, or Instagram. If you would like a FREE eBook version, head to www.cjevolution.com

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So excited for the next guest, Sean Kenney. He is a recently retired Detective Corporal from Vallejo, CA Police/US Marshal Fugitive Task Force. Sean has an extraordinary amount of experience, with hard lessons learned. He takes what he has experienced and packages it into strategies and instructional methods that are practical and can help your employees enjoy the job more, be safer, and more effective at meeting your goals. His company, Line Drive Strategies is a massive success. The goal: Improve morale and wellness through practical training in high risk / high liability areas.

This world is a crazy roller coaster that is hard to dissect at times, especially the law enforcement field. Sean wants to help you and your community enjoy it

Such great takeaways and advice from an industry expert.


You can find Sean here:


Line Driven Strategies



Stay tuned for more great guests on the CJEvolution Podcast






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