Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Thanks to all the criminal justice professionals and first responders who protect us every day. You are cherished, honored and you are loved. Keep up the great work.

The Show is so proud to be partnered with Detetachem. This great company is helping keep our brave men and women safer by offering mobile threat detection for the palm of your hand. Detecting illicit drugs and explosives this technology is a MUST HAVE for any law enforcement agency. Check out their link at www.cjevolution.com

If you love coffee, and I know most of you do, you are going to love the products from Four Sigmatic. From coffee’s to elixirs you will love all the products they offer. My favorite is the Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee. It’s doesn’t taste like mushrooms and its better for you than regular coffee. See the link at www.cjevolution.com

If you are struggling to keep up the with agencies extra duty program, let me tell you about my friends at Extra Duty Solutions. They help law enforcement agencies add efficiency and effectiveness to their extra duty programs while allowing them to focus on what matters – the safety of their citizens. They work with Law Enforcement Agencies to administer their extra duty programs which include: Client Interaction, Scheduling, Officer Payments, Problem Resolution and so much more.

Their services are provided at NO COST to the department and minimal cost to the clients. Their programs can be customized to meet the goals and unique needs of the agency.

Check them out at www.extradutysolutions.com and tell them Patrick from CJEvolution Podcast sent you.

Are you taking care of yourself the way you should be? Working out regularly and eating right? If not, why not? As a criminal justice professional and first responder your life could depend on it.  My next guest is Natalie Mason.

Natalie is the Managing Dietitian & Lead Coach at MetPro, an evaluation-based health coaching program specializing in transformations. Using a process called Metabolic Profiling, MetPro analyzes your metabolism and provides an individualized approach to obtaining your health needs.

Natalie came to MetPro with over 10 years of experience. She is a Registered Dietitian who is a Board-Certified Specialist in both Oncology Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. After years of working in a clinical environment, Natalie became motivated by her own health journey as an athlete and decided she wanted to make a larger impact on preventative nutrition. Today, Natalie has worked with thousands of people ranging from Fortune 500 Executives, Celebrities, to the world’s most elite athletes.

Such as great show and we talk about the Metabolic Profiling Process, Weight Loss vs. Performance, Finding your Levers and so much more.

Find MetPro and Natalie here:


Facebook: /MetabolicProfiling

Instagram: @metpro

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