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In this episode, Patrick welcomes the one and only Rafa Conde. Rafe is a full time police officer and is helping mentor and coach the next generation of law enforcement professionals. He is also the host and creator of the fast growing Man of War Podcast.

Rafa's path led him from Wall Street Power Stock Broker to serving as a police officer in some of the toughest streets in America. Rafa's turning point in his life occurred when he felt a strong calling to do something more meaningful with his life. For the majority of his career he was assigned to combating the trafficking of illegal drugs into the U.S. as a VICE - Undercover Narcotics Agent. He has been assigned to County and Federal Task forces including MADTF and the DEA.

After seeing first-hand the progressive demise of the alpha-male and the negative shift in men's confidence in our society, Rafa felt compelled to start a movement that focused specifically on the development of an optimum performing alpha-male. A warrior that could walk confidently in life by adapting, overcoming and winning at the game of life. Warriorbreed was born and after several years of research and devlopment. Rafa continues to focus on spreading the Warriorbreed movement to warrior minded men from all walks of life through exceptional virtual training content, webinars, seminars, speaking engagements and his fast growing Man of War Podcast.

In this episode, Rafa gives great tips and suggestions on how you can become the best Man you can both personally and professionally. A true honor to have this warrior on the show.

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