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May 6, 2019

CJEvolution Podcast: Microcast Monday - The Power of Attraction

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show! Happy Monday. I hope you have a fantastic week. Remember if you want to improve your life you have to change your mindset.

In this MM I want to talk about the Power of Attraction. Remember these important things.

1) What you send out to the universe you are going to get in return - Positive or Negative.

2) Your thoughts become things.

3) When you feel good then your life is going to be good.

4) Whatever you're grateful for multiplies. If you aren't grateful for your life and other people in it, then something is wrong and you have to change.

5) What you see in your mind you attract in your life - Again, this can go both positive or negative.


Check out my latest article in Law Enforcement Today where I talk happiness and its up to you to change it.


Stay tuned for more great guests.




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