Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Thanks to all the brave men and women who protect us every day. Thank you so much for what you do. Keep up the great work! You have much support!

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All the guests that come on the show are amazing. They are uplifting, inspiring and motivational. But, every once in awhile a guest will come on that really humbles me. As I was talking to my next guest, Terry Tucker, I was thinking of all the things that I complain about in my life and I was ashamed.

You see, Terry has cancer. He was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years back, fought it off, only for it to come back. In fact, doctors are telling Terry he has about a year to live. Yet, Terry has an amazing attitude that centers around self-improvement, gratitude and continuing to give back to his fellow man.

​Terry has reinvented himself frequently over his professional career. After he graduated from The Citadel, he was employed in the Marketing Department at the corporate headquarters of Wendy’s International in Dublin, Ohio. From there, he worked in hospital administration for Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. After getting married, he became the Customer Service Manager for an academic publishing company in Santa Barbara, California. Subsequently, he was a police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Following a family move to Texas, he started a school security consulting business and coached high school basketball in Houston. Each time he took on a new job, he had to develop new skills and faced different challenges. There was always a significant learning curve with each new position. 

Terry later started Motivational Check, for a simple reason. When he was a recruit in the Cincinnati Police Academy, it was a phrase any of his classmates could shout if they needed encouragement, motivation or support. The response from the class was to answer with a loud “84,” signifying our Recruit Class number and letting the person needing the reassurance know that they were all there for each other.

If you are besieged with anything in your life, know there are people available, willing, and able to help you. Terry understands what it is like to fight for your life. If you do not quit, you can never be defeated.

However, the responsibility for altering your life is entirely up to YOU. Whining, complaining, and blaming others for your plight will not enhance your experience. Motivation alone will not cause you to progress. YOU must want to make the change and commit to it every minute of every day. There are no days off when attempting to make significant and lasting improvements. 

Such a great and inspirational episode you are going to love.


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