Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. We support you. Keep up the great work.

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In this episode, Patrick welcomes Zanna and Jeff Wolfgang. Zanna is committed to supporting Law Enforcement, Military and all First Responder families. She knows first-hand the sacrifices that are made to serve and protect. She is passionate about giving back and helping cultivate happy, healthy, lasting relationships. Zanna knows what it's like to have Christmas morning at 4:00 am so dad can be there to see what Santa brought. She knows what it is to kiss your husband goodbye not knowing if he will come home, to get that call in the middle of the night, to have your whole world turned upside down, to watch the man you love be broken by losing the career that held his heart.

Jeff found his calling when he began his career in law enforcement. He was born into a law enforcement family so you could say it was in his blood. His passion is to serve, protect and make a difference. He was committed to taking criminals off the streets that he took so much pride in protecting. Jeff earned the respect of his law enforcement family, the citizens of Sunnyvale, friends and family. He had a way of making everyone feel like they truly mattered by just taking the time to listen. The career he loved was cut short when a suspect viewed him as a threat to his freedom and chose to run him down with his stolen vehicle. The journey to recovery was full of physical, mental and emotional pain that shook Jeff and his family to the very core.


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