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December 31, 2020

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: 400 Episodes! My Favorite Clips from Shows in 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast.  We know you have many options when it comes to listening to podcasts. We appreciate you and thank you for spending your valuable time with us. We are a top ranked show because of YOU! Remember to subscribe to the show and give us that 5-Star rating and review when you have a moment.

A big shout out to the brave men and women working in the criminal justice field. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are at, THANK YOU. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved.

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On July 6th, 2015 I started the Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. This day was my first show. I recently listened to that show and it’s amazing how far the show has come. It has come to 400 episodes because of YOU! Thank you so much. I am forever grateful to each of you for being with me as the show reaches this point!

400 EPISODES! Here is to the next 400!

2020 has been filled was a devastating year for a lot of Americans. Jobs were lost, businesses were closed and unfortunately lives were lost. Though, through the doom and gloom we have persevered and learned how to adapt.

As first responders this is second nature to you. This is why you are the best in the world and will continue to be.

In this episode, I wanted to share some of my top shows from 2020 and little snippets of great these great interviews. All the guests who have come on the show during 2020 have been amazing, and I am forever grateful for spending time with them and learning from them.  

In these proceeding clips these amazing guests talk about everything from first responder mental health, being incarcerated and finding purpose to improving the mental health resources for our brave men and women.


Enjoy this great episode!


Ep. 395. John Lee Dumas:

Ep. 394. Rodger Ruge:

Ep. 393. Erik Salzenstein:

Ep. 391. Michael Sugrue:

Ep. 389. Chris Strom:

Ep. 351: Scott Savage:

Ep. 376: Adam Kinakin:

Ep. 369 Dr. Darrin Porcher:

Ep. 361: Autumn Clifford:

Ep. 352: Dr. Peter Killeen:

I wish each of you the best of luck, health and happiness going into 2021. Here is to the next 400 episodes of the Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast.

Until next time.

Stay safe.


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