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November 16, 2022

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Dr. Nicolas Dogris - Director of Neurotherapy Services at FHE Health

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A special thank you to YOU. The criminal justice professional. You put it all on the line every day. You are a very special person. I hope you know that. Remember you have much support and remember you are loved. Please be safe and keep up the great work. 

I struggled. I was in a dark place for a long time. I was in pain, and I masked it with alcohol.  I was contemplating hurting myself.  I finally decided to reach out and ask for help, and I am grateful I did. FHE Health and The Shatterproof Program saved my life. If you are struggling, you don’t have to stay there. We can and will help you. Reach out today at 303.960.9819.


NOTE: Dr. Dogris presents some informative slides in the show. Please head over to the Criminal Justice Podcast YouTube Channel to see the entire video. 

Such an honor to have Dr. Nicolas Dogris on the show. He is the Director of Neurotherapy Services at FHE Health and he is an expert on the human brain. 

Dr. Dogris has a unique blend of clinical, research and development experience in the field of neurostimulation and neuromodulation.  Dr. Dogris is a licensed health psychologist and neuroscientist who practices in Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. Dogris is the neurorehabilitation director at FHE Health in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  He is an expert in the field of psychology with board certifications in neurofeedback and quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) analysis.  He has been in the electroencephalography (EEG) field for 30 years and began his work while attending Humboldt State University working on P300 research in 1987.

Dr. Dogris earned his PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology and holds four advanced degrees. He has worked in the field for 27 years and has experience working with a wide variety of mental health populations including children, adolescents and adults.  Dr. Dogris has held positions as the Program Chief of Mono County Mental Health, Orange County Mental Health, Inyo County Mental Health and College Hospital.  He has been mentored by some of the founders of the field of neurofeedback and has had the pleasure of developing innovations with them.

Dr. Dogris has developed numerous neurofeedback protocols and innovations on multiple platforms and is recognized as a leading expert in his field.  He developed the first, synchronized, neuromodulation and neurostimulation system that utilized normed referenced data and QEEG analysis for the treatment of multiple neurological problems.  This system, known as NeuroField, combines pulsed electromagnetic fields (pEMF) and transcranial alternating/direct current stimulation (tDCS/tACS) with EEG neurofeedback so as to optimize the functioning of the human brain.

A very informative interview. 

You can find Dr. Dogris here: 

FHE Health 


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