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September 16, 2022

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Jason Louis - Current LEO and CEO of The Briefing Room

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A big shout out and thank you to all those, Yes YOU, who serve in the Criminal Justice Field. It is a very difficult environment but you go out everyday and give it your all. Thank you for what you do. Remember you are honored, cherished and loved. Please be safe.

If you are struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or both, please reach out. My life changed for the better when I took that step forward. I am so grateful for FHE Health and The Shatterproof Program for First Responders. Reach out at 844-650-1399 or contact me directly at 303-960- 9819.

It's not often I get to interview a current law enforcement professional and I was very excited to have Jason Louis on the show. Jason is an active-duty police sergeant with over 23 years of experience in a variety of assignments including custody, patrol, investigations and training. Prior to returning to patrol he was assigned as the In-Service Training Supervisor for his agency's regional training center and he is a sitting member of his agency's use of force review board. Feeling  the need to continue to arm law enforcement professionals with the best training possible, Jason created The Briefing Room. "If your agency is only meeting State minimum training standards, that’s a recipe for mediocrity. Join The Briefing Room and provide your supervisors with everything they need to develop exemplary officers who feel passion for their profession again. Your officers will know what society expects of them and how they can best represent your agency and serve your community." Jason Louis

A great discussion with a dedicated professional 

You can find Jason here: 

The Briefing Room: 

Stay tuned for more great guests on The CJEvolution Podcast.




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