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April 15, 2022

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Jason Smith - Firefighter & President of IAFF Local 4321

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A big shout out and THANK YOU to all the brave men and women who serve in the First Responder Community. Please be safe and come home safe to your family and friends. Remember you are honored, cherished and loved. 

As a first responder you and feel things on a daily basis that most people will never experience in their lifetime. This requires special treatment and care for our first responder community. This is what the team at FHE - Shatterproof for First Responders do on a daily basis. Their goal is to make our first responders better so they can continue to be their best for their families and communities. If YOU or someone you know is suffering please reach out to FHE Health -Shatterproof for First Responders @ 844-939-0985 or me @ 303-960-9819. 

You are not alone. You are never alone. 

As a retired law enforcement professional of many years I saw things on a daily basis that eventually started to bother me. Most first responders do and your emotions will come out sooner or later. As a police officer I was in my bubble. Surrounded by other cops all the time. But, as time went on and as I became friends with other members of the first responder community: paramedics, firefighters and dispatchers I started to realize and learn that we are all suffering from the same things, if we are suffering. Isolation, depression, addiction issues and suicidal ideation were reoccurring themes. 

My next guest is going to bring you the Fire Fighter / Paramedic perspective on health and wellness for our brave heroes in the fire fighting / paramedic communities. 

Jason Smith is on the show. Jason is the President of IAFF Local 4321 for Broward County FL.

President Smith joined Broward County Fire Rescue in 2003 and has served county residents and visitors in every service area. He began his career as a  Firefighter/Paramedic and then rose through the ranks as an Acting Driver, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief and even Assistant District Fire ChiefSince the beginning of his career, President Smith has been diversified in all areas of the county, including Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, and the Special Operations Command. President Smith has also been the Planning Section Chief at the Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Center as well as being part of Presidential details.


President Smith started his union involvement in 2001, when he joined the IAFF local 3080. As a dues paying member in good standings, he attended meetings and was a part of the union body process. In 2003, he joined local 3333 and in 2005 was assigned his first position as Sergeant of Arms. This position allowed him to mentor, engage, and watch the union executive board (eboard) conduct business. After the resignation of a staff representative, President Smith was voted through the eboard to hold that vacant seat. Since then, he has held all positions within the eboard. In 2019, President Smith decided to run for President and ran unopposed. 

As Vice President, he was able to represent members in various cases including internal affairs, grievances, union negotiations, and labor management. President Smith oversaw the FIRE OPS 101. This opportunity allowed him to demonstrate to elected officials what the fire service is about. In his continuing devotion to serving the community, President Smith has also been on education advisory boards and is currently on the Florida Retirement System (FRS) committee as a union representative in hopes of achieving reinstatement of benefits to members affected in 2015. 

President Smith is also a licensed pilot. He has graduated with an Associate degrees in Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science, and a Master’s degree in Emergency Management from Walden University


You can find Jason here: 




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