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September 21, 2022

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Kurt Dabb - Retired LEO. The Power of Recovery

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If you are struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or both, please reach out. My life changed for the better when I took that step forward. I am so grateful for FHE Health and The Shatterproof Program for First Responders. Reach out at 844-650-1399 or contact me directly at 303-960- 9819.

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Kurt Dabb is a retired law enforcement professional with over two decades of experience. In 2021 Kurt was forced into a medical retirement and was told he was no longer qualified to be a cop anymore. Kurt suffered from PTSD and Addiction Challenges. Like most of us who face challenges, Kurt was devastated. Kurt went through dark times, but eventually came out after receiving treatment for his challenges. The key to this is that Kurt came forward. Something most of us are unwilling to do.

Kurt is still trying to figure it out but he knows he is not alone and his recovery is paramount in his life. 

Kurt is a big advocate of first responder health and wellness and alternate forms of therapy. A great discussion with survivor. 

You can find Kurt here:


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