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December 9, 2020

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Mentor, Advisor and Consciousness Empowerment Expert - Karen Love Lee

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Everyone faces problems and roadblocks throughout their life. No one is immune. Remember that you cannot do it alone either. You are not an island and you will often need the help and advice of others. This is where my next guest, Karen Love Lee, can help you.

In December 2008, Karen decided to end her life, but through a powerful healing process, she learned how to understand herself more than she ever imagined, and she was able to start living a new life she only dreamt about.

Karen can help you start living your dreams too. 

Karen states the following “As a professional Consciousness Empowerment Expert, Mentor & Advisor based in Los Angeles, CA, I help you get out of your own way by eliminating lifelong unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs. My expertise is getting to the root cause of what blocks or stops you from achieving your greatest passions, goals and desires. This results in creating and commanding lifelong sustainable power and living a life of brilliance and sparkle.


A powerful episode you need to listen to.


Karen has been featured in Fox, CBS News, ABC and more. You can find Karen here:


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