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March 24, 2021

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Rodney Muterspaw - Ret. Police Chief & Author of The Blue View: An Uncut Journal of an Ohio Police Chief

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Such an honor to have Retired Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw on the show. He had a very successful 30-year law enforcement career, and he is also the author of the successful book, The Blue View: The Uncut Journal of an Ohio Police Chief.

This book is an unedited and raw journal written by a police officer over a thirty-year period. From his first day in the police academy to his last day as the Chief of Police in Middletown, Ohio, home of Hillbilly Elegy, you will feel as though you are right there with the author through the entire book, in a uniform, in a cruiser, and in his personal life.

Never written to be released to the public, this easy-to-read format portrays the actual unfiltered personal journals of Chief Rodney Muterspaw, an award-winning Ohio Police Chief and Congressional guest at the Presidential State of the Union. You will feel the gamut of emotions as you follow him as a rookie, a patrol officer, investigator, narcotics officer, internal affairs supervisor, a Chief of Police, and a parent in one of the most well-known smaller cities in the Midwest.

Many topics discussed in this great interview.

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Find The Blue View here:


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