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December 16, 2020

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Want more Organizational Efficiency? Bryan Selzer - Retired LEO, CEO & Founder of LEFTA Systems.

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I love talking to entrepreneurs, especially those entrepreneurs who have served in the law enforcement field like my next great guest, Bryan Selzer.  He is a retired Police Sergeant and the CEO and Founder of LEFTA Systems.

LEFTA Systems, a Florida-based company specializing in software to address the needs of law enforcement and other first responders, was the result. Bryan states “I didn’t know much about computers back then, but I knew a lot about the challenges of training new recruits, use of force incidents, monitoring certifications, and addressing a political environment quick to criticize.”

Since the inception of LEFTA Systems 10 years ago, their products – and the pool of those they serve – have deepened. They now offer training and support for multiple industries, including law enforcement, first responders, security companies, and many other organizations that require employees to engage in organized, on-the-job training.


Is your organization responsible for comprehensive training of new employees?
Are you required to track and report data to outside to community leaders and/or government entities?
Do you have to manage credentialing and certificates of employees?
Do you want to make impactful changes in your organization based on real data and analytics?
Are you interested in mitigating risk and identifying problems before they become problems?


With over 250 clients coast to coast, including Miami PD, San Francisco PD, Seattle PD, Orlando PD, Albuquerque PD and more, our products are built, used, and improved by and for professionals like us. We are proud of our 98% retention rate and hear over and over that our products are simple to use and our user support is outstanding.


Bryan and I talk about problems facing law enforcement as well as some solutions forward. We also talk about going for your dreams, starting that business you have been talking about and of course LEFTA Systems.


You can find Bryan here:


LEFTA Systems


Stay tuned for more great guests on The Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast






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