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In this episode, Patrick welcomes Joel "Thor" Neeb. Joel is the President of Afterburner Inc. A global consulting firm that specializes in connecting corporate strategy to action using the Flawless Execution Methodology.

Joel is a community leader and mentor for thousands of at-risk children in the San Antonio area. Former Air Force fighter pilot with over 2,500 missions providing escort for the President, protecting our nation's borders, and training thousands of pilots for the United States and 25 allied countries around the world.

As an F-15 pilot, Thor escorted the U.S. President through the sky and flew missions to ensure the safety of the country after the attacks of 9/11. He was the tactical leader of 300 of the most senior combat pilots in the Air Force and he oversaw the execution of a $150M/year flight program. Thor was named the Top Instructor Pilot at the Air Force Flight Training Headquarters and he’s flown thousands of missions teaching pilots from 25 countries around the world. He received his bachelor’s degree at the United States Air Force Academy and is a summa cum laude graduate of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. He is Afterburner’s expert leadership speaker, sharing his knowledge with organizations across the US.

Thor is humbled to have had the incredible experiences that executive leadership within the military and Afterburner have afforded him, but he’s most proud of the following accomplishments. In 2010, Thor was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and given about a 15% chance to live. Instead of giving up, Thor decided to give back. He started a youth outreach program in San Antonio that has grown to help more than 15,000 at-risk kids. Their efforts have been featured on every news channel for 100 miles and one national media outlet. In 2012, he was selected out of 62,000 people to receive the AETC National Public Service Award.

Thor completed the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon in March of 2015 to commemorate the five-year anniversary of his Stage IV cancer diagnosis and to raise awareness for the rare and deadly cancer that he battled.

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