Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to the brave men and women who protect us ever day. Thank you for what you do! You have much support.  Keep up the good work.

If you are struggling to keep up with and manage your departments extra duty program my good friends at Extra Duty Solutions can help. They can help with your extra duty program by assisting with: Client interaction, Scheduling, Officer Payments, Problem Resolution and much more. Check them out at www.extradutysolutions.com and tell them Patrick from CJEvolution sent you.

I am so excited that my book EVOLVE is coming. This is a collection of routines, habits and advice to take charge of your life and be your best self. I wouldn’t been able to write this book without the support from my family, friends, my personal coach and my publisher. Thank you all and stay tuned. As I receive information, I will put it out on my social media platforms.


I remember struggling at various points in my law enforcement career. I often wondered what my purpose was and what direction my life was heading in. Thankfully, I had mentors and coaches along the way that helped me. If you can relate and you need someone to assist you in finding your direction and purpose, I want to help you. Sign up for a FREE 45 Minute Discovery Call and discover what my EVOLVE Personal Coaching can do for you. Here is the link:



If you want to become a better leader you must first become better. Elizabeth McCourt is here to give some practical tips and advice for you to become a better leader in law enforcement. A must listen.

Elizabeth McCourt is a broad thinker with a growth mindset. She is a sought-after international leadership expert, speaker and published author who has always reveled in the unexpected surprises and cross-training benefits of the non-linear approach to leadership and life. Areas where she helps clients are:

  • Leading authentically.
  • Navigating power and influence
  • Storytelling and effective communication.
  • Building empowered, high-trust teams.
  • Scaling leadership impact.
  • Embracing resilience.

You can find Elizabeth here:



Stay tuned for more great guests and the CJEvolution Podcast.












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