Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Special thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice system. Thank you so much for your bravery and service to your communities and this great country.

As you head into the new year I know many of you struggle with personal and professional obstacles in your life. As a former law enforcement professional I know first hand how difficult the job can be. For years I struggled until I sought out coaches and mentors that helped me through the tough times.

I want to help you with my EVOLVE Personal Coaching. My message is simple. I help law enforcement and first responders who are overwhelmed with personal and professional obstacles to build self-confidence and resiliency so that they can become stronger and more happier in their lives.

Go to https://www.cjevolution.com/personal-coaching/ and sign up for a FREE 45 Minute Discovery call. Let's get you on the road to a better you in 2020.

I love coffee and I know a lot of you do too. Check out the products from Four Sigmatic. They have everything from cocoas to coffee. My personal favorite is the Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee. It tastes like regular coffee, and its better for you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Head over to www.cjevolution.com and see the link to Four Sigmatic.

On this Microcast Monday episode, I want to talk a little about the benefits of sleep. I remember as a first responder, I thought I could get by on 4-5 hours of sleep a night and I did for many years. I thought with a little sleep I would be operating at 100%. Wrong! Your body needs it's sleep and so much is connected with good sleep. Your health, Your mindset and your motivation are connected for starters.

Here are some benefits of good sleep:

1) You will have a sharper brain - When you don't get enough sleep you might have problems remembering details and recalling events.

2) Mood boost - When you get enough sleep you are generally in a better mood.

3) Healthier Heart - When you sleep your blood pressure goes down. When you don't get enough sleep your blood pressure stays elevated.

4) Athletic Achievement - Lack of sleep robs you of your motivation, which gets you to the finish line.

5) Steadier blood sugar - Not getting enough sleep can increase your chances of diabetes.

6) Germ Fighting - Lack of sleep can affect the way your body fights off germs. You can get sick more often.

7) Weight control - When you are well rested, your are less hungry.

Is too much sleep bad? Too much of anything isn't good for you. Research indicates you should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Find out more information here:


Go out and conquer you day and week, and stay tuned for more great episodes on the CJEvolution Podcast.





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