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Special thanks to all the brave men and women who protects us every day, where in the military or criminal justice, thank you all again for what you do. We live in unprecedented times, but you will emerge stronger and more resilient. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved.

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I am so excited to have my next guest on the show. Rodger Ruge stopped by and Rodger says the following. “Employee assistance, peer support and chaplaincy programs are failing because they are not used to their full potential. These traditional programs have never successfully addressed the stigma of suspicion and “career suicide” that using those services can create. Rodger created HeroTalk which offers a way for First Responders to take back control of their personal and professional lives by empowering real-world solutions that you, The Hero Community, can put into daily practice. They are about helping you build a level of resiliency that goes beyond mere survival, they help you THRIVE.”

In his previous life he was a 20 year, in the trenches, law enforcement veteran and survivor of post-traumatic stress. I’ve done just about every job possible in a law enforcement career…patrol, detective, street crimes, gang enforcement, mentoring, coaching, training management, motors and SWAT.

With the diversity of his background, by far his most favorite form of service is teaching, coaching and EMPOWERING others to their grandest visions of whom and what they wish to become. His greatest joy is helping clients get 'unstuck' and to hold them accountable to their declared actions steps as they move toward their goals, dreams and desires. Ultimately, every REAL COACH works toward the day where their client possesses the tools necessary to making coaching unnecessary - where the client is empowered to achieve anything they set their mind too, and that moves the needle forward on Life in the most profound way possible.

Rodger is also a podcast of the successful show, HeroTalk.org. Building resiliency for the First Responder Hero Community through my podcast, HeroTalk.org, my Life Coaching practice and my Mindfulness and Resiliency courses for First Responders.


Such a great show with Rodger Ruge.


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